About project

Period: February 2020 – Present

Client: News

Subject: Dakdan News Network

The Dakdan News Netwrok Game is the brainchild of Dan Kost, the CEO of the company. Kost is an experienced entrepreneur with a track record of success in the advertising industry. He is also the original creator of Credit Repair. Credit Repair has helped thousands of individuals improve their credit scores and financial well-being.

Our Task Was












We created the brand identity and establish the company’s website

Next we created a strategic partnership with the company that already had a picture marketing application and rebranded it News Photos.

We then started partnerships with news network around the United States and offered a free application for their customers to take photos and upload them for free.

This allows us to create a massive database virtually for free, offering rewards for outstanding photos to consumers with a free pass to their favorite news network.


We continue to add new partners with News network on a regular basis

  • The program continues us to collect thousands of images every single month and utilizing those images royalty-free to create NFTs and licensing opportunities.
  •  The Dakdan News Netwrok Game can fill this gap by providing a comprehensive and engaging educational tool that can help individuals develop a deeper understanding of financial concepts and make better financial decisions in a fun and entertaining way.
  • Dakdan News Netwrok is significant, given the lack of financial literacy among the general population. Studies have shown that a large percentage of individuals lack the basic knowledge needed to make informed financial decisions, and this knowledge gap can have significant financial consequences.


Taking this company from scratch you could see the excitement within the industry as services like this have never been offered before in the Sportrons . While we continue to work and collect new images new opportunities arise constantly.