About project

Period: June 2020- Present

Client: Sports Medical Group

Subject: Sports Medical Products for Professional Sports Franchises

Sports Medical Group was established to provide COVID 19 products to sports teams and leagues. In continues to bring new products for use in sports

Our Task Was

Source COVID 19 safety products for use in stadiums and arenas.

Create a catalog of products and services used by professional sports franchises including club managers, trainers, and equipment managers.


Surveyed over 100 sports teams to identify all the products and services that they require

  • First establish the management team
  • Hired regional senior vice presidents
  • Identified all the products that professional sports teams would require
  • Identified suppliers for face mask and antigen tests
  • Created protocols for entry and exit at stadiums and arenas
  • Created a marketing campaign
  • Established SOP’s for all the operations in the company


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  • Established a partnership with Amazon for catalog management
    Established a database of clubhouse managers, trainers, equipment managers
  • Built a national sales force
  • Establish a supply chain for Covid 19 products
  • Developed website and all social media sites
  • Created standard operating procedures
  • Developed companys marketing and advertising strategy





Continue to develop market penetration and deliver new products to the sports industry. The company is justified because it fills a huge need for simplicity and product access for stadiums and arenas and their staff.