Zoo Media National Network for Advertising and Sponsorships


About project

Period: Jan 2018 – Present

Client: ZooMedia.us

Subject: Zoo and aquarium sponsorship network

Identified a great new sponsorship and advertising network with zoos and aquariums which is been undervalued for decades. With annual attendance far exceeding 260 million visitors a year in the US alone.

Our Task Was

Create a portfolio of products and services to offer zoos and aquariums.

Provide services to zoos and aquariums for little or no cost to their venue by establishing national networks for brand advertisers.


Build a new company from scratch to help the zoo and aquatic industry by creating media opportunities for national brands.

  • Build a product portfolio
  • Build a service portfolio
  • Create partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers
  • Create standard operating procedures for the company
  • Establish the backend office with CRM, communications and marketing tools
  • Higher national sales force


A fully functioning national marketing and sponsorship agency with a potential for annual revenue in the billions of dollars

  • Human Resources hires the entire staff
  • Established over 20 suppliers/partnerships
  • Established a Zoo fundraising program
  • Established a food franchise department


ZooMedia.US is well-positioned now for continued growth. The company has a solid management team and a great creative staff who continually bring new ideas and concepts to the zoo and aquarium industry