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Does USA Entertainment Ventures Fund Startups?

USA Entertainment Ventures does not fund startups directly, what the company does do is provide resources management and sales to help grow your business.

How can you assist me with manufacturing a product?

USA Entertainment Ventures can help any company as a project manager to assist in developing a product, obtaining provisional patents, and locating the right manufacturing source.

Can you assist with sports licensing?

USA Entertainment Ventures uses our paralegal department to obtain sports licenses in all professional sports, semipro sports and collegian sports. In addition we can assist with distribution.

Can you assist us with state registration for contracting and to do business?

Yes, we can help you to register and even set up your Corporation in all 50 states. We can also assist to register your company to receive opportunities for government contracts. And remember we can also help you obtain a federal cage code to do business with the United States government.

How can you assist me in setting up an internship program?

USA Entertainment Ventures through its family of companies and resources has the capabilities of establishing an internship program for any company. These services include creating job profiles for all positions required within the company, SOP’s for each job, job postings and onboarding procedures.

How can I get help in building a sales force?

USA Entertainment Ventures can assist companies in first setting up the structure of the company, how it’s going to be managed and then build a salesforce to reach the company goals.

Where can I find resources to help manage my company with technology?

USA Entertainment Ventures has vast resources and partnerships with many popular software applications. We built multiple companies and sales forces and assist companies especially in early start ups in utilizing low cost or free software to help manage their company.

I'm ready to advertise my brand but don't know where to go?

No worries, will help identify your target market and to our vast resources target the proper demographic. Many times we can use exclusive assets and give you a competitive edge in several industries, including; sports and entertainment, the trucking industry, the medical industry, zoos and aquariums, military and government advertising.

Where can I find creative services?

Through our portfolio of companies we have over 12 creative directors with well over 100 years of experience. Creating the right campaign and being able to produce them and deliver a hefty ROI.

My companies website needs help?

We created team including a project manager, designer and to webmasters to help create the right presentation with high-impact graphics and creative designs. All reasonably priced.

Not sure where to go for social media or how to manage it?

We have unique software to help manage multiple social media sites from one platform and also have a social star program to generate tens of thousands of followers in a matter of days.

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Early-stage companies have tons of questions and they can always be answered here at the website. But please feel free to email us with any questions or to set up and it initial interview.

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